How can I make this?

I have searched everywhere for this lamp wit no luck! I was thinking to make it myself, but I cannot find a three bulb flexible pendant lamp? I would love some ideas.
q how can i make this
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  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Dec 28, 2017
    Look into flex electric pipe & there fittings. Just draw a ruff draft what you want or a picture & go to home depot or Lowes to ask for help. Good luvk .
  • M. M.. M. M.. on Dec 28, 2017
    Can you buy a floor lamp/torchiere style lamp with 3 or more flexible lights,and then have it converted to pendant? It would involve taking the guts out of the lamp and rewiring it to a pendant fixture? I'm not sure what your skills are.
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    • M. M.. M. M.. on Dec 31, 2017
      I didn't see your picture before. It actually looks very simple, wiring through a flexible, corrugated tubing, like what is used for running electrical wiring, and should be available by the foot at your hardware store. That is then covered with fabric, ribbon or plastic for the green color. I should think a lamp store could wire up something like this for you, esp if you asked them what parts they'd need and you brought it to them. Some corrugated tubing, (your colored wrapping and faux flowers added after wiring),3 light sockets and it looks like the "shades" are done with the old good Elmer's glue and string technique around a balloon. It's messy, but fun! Spread out newspapers and use gloves if you prefer...Get colored yarn or string, put glue in a bowl, and blow up a balloon in the shape you want. Unwind a few yards of the string at a time, let it soak in the glue (don't cut the string!!) a few minutes and begin to wrap around the balloon.Leave an opening around the stem of the balloon that would be big enough to put a light bulb through. Wrap the balloon in several directions, overlapping different angles for strength. Cut string off ball when you have enough and be sure the string end gets glued down to another strand. Hang the balloon by its stem until the glue is dry (with a drip catcher underneath, newspaper, etc). When it is 100% dry and rigid, pop the balloon and peel away from the string. Now you have your shade.Honestly, this is such a fun technique that you can try it first before the pressure of doing the shades. That way you can experiment with how much string to put on, the shape, etc. If you need to do your balloons at different times, you can keep the glue fresh by pressing a piece of waxed paper or cling wrap onto the surface of the glue. You could paint the string after it's all dried, butit would depend on which type of bulbs you use and how hot they might get. I agree that the big stores do not hire or train people to help with these kinds of things.But if you search for an independent lamp/lighting store, they are very used to rewiring things, and may even have a used fixture they could strip for the project here.You decision is to have the piece either a plug in, or to have it hardwired by an electrician to an existing place in your ceiling. A plug in could function with a switch if your place is wired like that. Otherwise, the lamp folks could add a switch in the cord,like a roller switch. Thanks for reading all this--Good Luck!
  • Connie Dexter Spicer Connie Dexter Spicer on Dec 30, 2017
    I would start with this Triple Socket Pendant light/lamp cord. Then I would make this style using the colors of yard for the room I am decorating to make 3 of these " Mod Podge Eggs" in an appropriate size...

    Clip the ends to fit the lights inside. Purchase the garland you want to use for wrapping around the cable.

    You should wind up with something like this lamp (Looks good, right?) only you have 3 of them, with your choice of garland. Switch up your garland for the seasons and keep your lights up all year long.

    Not affiliated with any products nor the bloggers shown... Here is a page chock full of ideas for you:

    Change them up and alter the design to fit your needs - and have great fun!

    Good luck!
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