Asked on Jan 2, 2018

We have an old stain on the carpet ( I have no idea what it is)

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Have tired many different things, nothing has worked. Any ideals?? The carpet is a light color. Thanks. Norma

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  • V Smith
    V Smith
    on Jan 2, 2018

    If you suspect the stain to be pet stain or food and if you have a way to extract water from the carpet (shop vac or rug machine) perhaps you could mix up an enzyme cleaner (like Biz or rug cleaning equivalent) with hot water and pour a cupful of the mixture on to the stain. Let it work for 3 to 4 minutes then suck it out of the carpet as completely as possible. If this works you should follow up with several cups of clear cold water extracting the water out of the carpet quickly after each application. It is important to rinse all of the detergent out of the carpet because detergent attracts/holds dirt.
  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut
    on Jan 2, 2018

    Another thing that you might try is a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water. I just used this on my carpet and it really helped with a couple of stains. Wishing you the best!
    • NORMA
      on Jan 4, 2018

      Thanks Linda, I will try some of your suggestions. My carpet is less than 3 yrs. old . Sure don’t want to replace it so soon. 🙂
  • Joy30150932
    on Jan 2, 2018

    There is a commercial carpet stain remover on the market. Made by Bissell.
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