Overwintering a clematis

Hello my fellow gardeners,
I have a climbing clemati, (not sure of the name) hopefully I’m able to post my picture of it. I bought it at a local nursery 6 years ago, in early spring. From that year on it has climbed a produced hundreds of beautiful purple flowers. Every fall, I would cut off the old dead growth about a foot away from the ground. Last year it had a hard time starting to grow, but finally did. It does not produce from old wood. So, this year I just took off the dead flowers and left all the dead wood around the trellis. Could someone tell me if this was the right thing to do? Or should I be cutting all the dead off? I live in Boston, Ma, I’m not sure what zone this is. Thanking you in advance! And Happy New Year to all !!
q overwintering a clematis
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