Lining up different sizes of wooden objects on top of each other other

Help! I have missed you all!

I have, over the past several years, made a few SPINDLE SANTAS. I use unfinished wood in various shapes that you purchase at a hobby shop in packages---shapes can include balls, egg cups, candlesticks, cubes picture using a finial from the end of a curtain rod for Santa's hat, then under the finial place a wooden ball for his face, then place that on top of a wooden candlestick for his body and then place all that on a square block for the foundation. Each Santa does not necessarily contain the same pieces for each design...I might add an egg shape or a flat round piece of wood to a different Santa.

I am putting together 4 different shapes and circumferences of wooden objects together to form Santa head to toe. All four pieces are glued together one on top of the other to form the figure. I then paint the entire piece to resemble Santa.

MY PROBLEM... I CAN NEVER GET THE WOODEN PIECES TO LINE UP EXACTLY STRAIGHT ON TOP OF EACH OTHER---remember different diameters of each piece to sit directly on top of the next piece of a different shape. I place them on top of each other and they will look fine facing me...however, when I turn the piece just the slightest bit... I can definitely see they are not lined up directly on top of each other and the piece appears crooked. I have also tried to get the first 2 pieces completely aligned and then add the next but, never any luck.

I continually rotate and adjust each piece but, after literally an hour in most cases they do not appear straight. I do not drill any of these items....I use wood glue to attach them all together and I need to be able to find a foolproof way to adjust and glue them accurately on top of each other to appear straight from all sides/angles.

I would love to be able to do more of these for my craft business and for friends however, the struggle to get them to line up is so frustrating I have pretty much given up. I have thought of trying to drill a hole through the center of each piece but, I do not have that option or ability.

I thank you so much for any insight...I sincerely appreciate your help If it takes a math wizard or special tools I am really challenged.

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