What to do about pet stains on mattress?

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  • Gail Gail on Jan 06, 2018
    While some may agree or disagree, this is what I have done once a year every year for years in time. Before I get into my cleaning process, here's something to think about.

    Mattresses come with quite a range of years warranties with the higher the number years, the more they cost. Some have extra top foam padding they call pillow top. Whether your mattress had extra top padding or not, if it's interspring, the inside where the springs are, Except for the wire of the springs, it's hollow. It's the padding over the springs that harbors dead skin cells, dust mites, sweat, body fluids, or other liquids.

    Think about this. You're always being told you should replace your mattress every 8 years. If that is to happen, the high years warranties are simply a waste of money & are a way to get more of your hard earned money. For me, no thank you, I'll keep my money & get all the good out of mattress I paid for. Here's how I do it.

    Once a year on a hot summer day with a nice little breeze, I take my mattress outside, stand it on its side on plastic pallets & lean against a fence or pole for support. You don't want your mattress on the ground. Next I spray generously or pour on my mattmattress the cleaning solution like liquid Spray & Wash which has very low sudsing, scrub with a brush to remove odors, stains, dust mites, dead skin cells, etc. Then with a power pointed water hose nozzle, I "rinse" the cleaner from the fabric covered foam, & let it completely dry. After dry, I spray it with Scotchguard & when that is dry, it's ready to return to the bed.

    It has never harmed a single one of my mattresses to clean it this way & I've done it for years. It's when a mattress gets wet & stays wet that it becomes unsafe to use & should be disposed of.

    Mattress advertisers talk about how heavy all the dead skin cells, dust mites, & sweat residues, plus other body fluids build up in the mattress & make it so heavy, washing a mattress out as I do prevents this & keeps my mattresses much fresher the whole year through. It will smell & feel like it's new again.
  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 06, 2018
    Rent or purchase a steam cleaner and pull out the smell and stains.
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