Painting Fabric With Chalk Paint

This is for the girl that asked about painting fabric on her chair with chalk paint.
I bought these chairs for 5 bucks each at a garage sale! SCORE!!This is the before...
This is the after...
The chair itself was painted in graphite by Annie Sloan and the chair padding was painted in Paris gray and the stencil was graphite again.
Very easy to do
Take the chair pad off so its easier to work with.
Get yourself a spray bottle fill it with water.
Mix whatever color paint you choose and water it down a lot. Runny!
When you paint it on it like colored water soaking in.
It will take 5-6 coats if its a lite color.
Its times consuming because you should wait for it to dry in between each coat.
So pull the chair pad off the chair to make it easier. Mix up your paint. spray the chair pad/fabric make sure its wet but not dripping. Wait for it to soak in. Then paint on your watered down paint. The paint will soak right in and the first coat your going to look at it like omg this is not right but just be patient. Paint in the same direction. I did front to back. Also to make it go faster try painting in the morning letting dry all day and then another coat at night. Keep giving it as many coats as it needs to cover the pattern or until you like it. When done painting wait till its thoroughly dry and wax it with Annie Sloan clear wax. I used two coats letting dry in between. The chair does not feel sticky it actually feel like suede or soft leather when the wax is dry.
I painted my chairs back in November. They were used consistently around the holidays by many butts and right now they are in my workshop and they are used all day. They still looks good!!
Good luck and don't be scared!
Oh and originally they were going up for sale on my site but I liked them so much I kept them!! :)

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