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I have these two boards...not sure what they are or where they came from. Might be part of a bed. Any ideas for projects? For inside or outside. They're each about 4x2.
q need suggestions, diy, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects
q need suggestions, diy, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects
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  • Pat Pat on Apr 06, 2014
    They are gorgeous....If you cant think of a project put them somewhere will come to you.
  • Louise Perkins Louise Perkins on Apr 06, 2014
    being light in color the are not outside wood. you do need to protect them from the weather. I would look under pallet projects not that they are, but you have only a few short boards. I agree with pat it will come to you. Great find!
  • Karen Baker Karen Baker on Apr 06, 2014
    I would suggest using wood treatment on them for outside,use for the grape vines.
  • Susan Sheffield Susan Sheffield on Apr 06, 2014
    Love these. Just as they are, You could make a very nice headboard, an organizer for a craft room, or place one above a fireplace mantel and hang pictures on. Looks like they are not for outdoor use. Be sure to treat the wood if you decide to use them outdoors.
  • Sandi Gavlak Plotner Sandi Gavlak Plotner on Apr 06, 2014
    A 'backdrop' for a picture or a cluster of family photos (framed or unframed). You could even attach painted wooden clothes pins to hold the pictures.
  • Nell C Nell C on Apr 06, 2014
    It appears they are for inside use.
  • Niki Hart Niki Hart on Apr 07, 2014
    I think one would make a very nice pot rack in the kitchen...and you could hang one on a closet wall to hang folded scarves least that is what I would do if they were mine.
  • Darlene Clonts Darlene Clonts on Apr 13, 2014
    make a swinging table outdoors
  • Yvonne Ocasio Yvonne Ocasio on Apr 16, 2014
    We just bought a house and it brought a ramp and I want to remove it to give me more pation space. It has this tiny porch that I would like to extend sideways to make it a rectangle porch. Does anyone have any idea how I can make this extension without having to dig holes on the ground for the poles? Or foundation? the 6 ft wide porch already has those four poles under ground. Thank you for any ideas.
  • Leslie Long Leslie Long on Apr 16, 2014
    It looks like good quality wood....probably from a futon or bed. Probably need to be sealed if you end up using them outside. If you don't know what to do but they take up too much space, take them apart (I see screws) and stack the slats somewhere until you figure it out. It will come to you :)
  • Busymomhelp Busymomhelp on Apr 16, 2014
    I would surely have used one of them in my kitchen at the ceiling to hand pots and pans as they used to do in those old time kitchens.
  • Connie Connie on Apr 17, 2014
    love the pot rack idea also could be used together t make an outside day bed porch or swing. Oh the possibilities!!
  • Susan Stagner Susan Stagner on Jan 20, 2015
    looks like it could be used as a trellis, if turned around may a knick knack shelf if painted?
  • Susan Stagner Susan Stagner on Jan 20, 2015
    or even a coat rack turned around. A tie rack or if boxed around edges spice rack.
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