Partial Kitchen Remodel to Coastal Cottage Kitchen!

Not a complete remodel, but great coastal update for small kitchen! we had a small L shaped kitchen that had been flipped before we purchased 6 years ago. It had new cabinets and stainless appliances, but the laminate counters and brown tile backsplash weren’t my style. Plus I didn’t have enough drawer or counter space. We added a coffee bar with trash pullout and added real Shiplap backsplash and used daich spreadstone mineral select on the counters.
Time: 4 WeeksCost: $1000Difficulty: Medium
Took down part of the wall between garage and kitchen to make room for new Cabinets.
  • kitchen updo to coastal cottage kitchen
Framed the new recessed wall.
  • kitchen updo to coastal cottage kitchen
Took off the Laminate wall strip from back of counter.
  • kitchen updo to coastal cottage kitchen
Put up real primed shiplap right over existing glass tile backsplash and the new coffee bar wall. you will have to trim more to cover the edges. But to not have to demo the tile was great.
I couldn’t afford new floors or the quartz counters I wanted right now, so I ordered 1 kit of the Daich spreadstone mineral select in volcanic black From HD For $125. I purchased extra silver mica flake from an eBay shop to mix in to have more shimmer. (called Daich first to confirm I could). We followed the directions which were pretty straight forward, plus utube has videos. I initially was going to do butcher block and purchased a B.B. counter for the coffee bar, but changed my mind after installing it. I used the spreadstone on top of the butcher block also, but it would have been cheaper to just buy smooth plywood Instead of the butcher block. Also the lines of the butcher block show through under the coating in certain light. Oh well.
Followed the directions on applying the coating.
We trimmed out the shiplap.
Painted the shiplap with a semi gloss white and added drawer pulls and a trash pullout in the cabinet under the coffee maker.
  • kitchen updo to coastal cottage kitchen
We still need to caulk around sink And on the wall between the counter and the shiplap. Then we will be done!
  • kitchen updo to coastal cottage kitchen
Here are the things I wish we would have done differently.
1. Left the laminate backsplash strip on the wall and painted with the coating. I wouldn’t have to caulk the back of the counter then. You don’t want water getting under the shiplap.
2. used something other than the butcher block for the new cabinets for the reasons I mentioned above.
3. Adding an alcove and fitting the cabinets in was way more difficult and messy than I thought it would be. We’ve done a lot of building walls but this was our first demo. We also didn’t measure correctly for installing the countertop. The cabinets were 54” wide total but since they stick out from the alcove about 6” (because we weren’t redoing the floor) we didn’t add extra for the overhang on the side in the front. We ended up adding wood blocks cut to fit and glued to the front corners of the countertop before we painted the counters with the coating.
4. It would have been easier to hang 1 big cabinet than 3 little ones. I went to HD with one of my existing cabinet doors to try to match because I didn’t have the cabinet info. They aren’t a perfect match but close. One of the cabinets though was slightly different (not supposed to be) and it took forever to get the drawer and cabinet faces to line up. It’s slightly off...aaarrrgggg, but it probably only bothers my OCD. Not sure anyone else would notice unless they are looking for it.
5. This whole project took longer than I thought. Having the kitchen sort of out of order was not fun.

Edit on 1-17-18 to add this: i Just remembered that the spreadstone countertop kit came with everything you need BUT, it didn’t have enough sandpaper included. We happended to have plenty on hand but we would have had to run out to buy more if we didn’t.

  • kitchen updo to coastal cottage kitchen
Decorated beach style!

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