Step 3: Cut chicken wire to size for pockets

Add extra 2 inches to the measurement.

Step 4: Staple the chicken wire to the frame

Lay the chicken wire inside the wooden the frame and staple the bottom to the bottom of the frame.

Step 5: Cut wood shelves and screw in place

Place the wood inside the window pane, aligning it to the back of the window.

Step 8: Sand the edges and paint

You could use chalkboard paint in order to label the pockets and shelves.

Step 9: Staple backing to the window's back

Attach the backing to the window around the edges and up the middle.

Step 1: Write a quote with an erase marker

Prepare your window pane: thoroughly clean, sand and paint.

Step 2: Trace the text from the other side

Flip the window and use the Rustoleum Glass Marker.