Simple plain clothes shelf's in walk in cupboard for woman to do

Long end to end on stone wall

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  • Ken Ken on Jan 10, 2018
    Don't sell yourself short because you are a woman Beth. You can do anything that you want to do!

    I'm a little unclear about what you are asking. Did you want instructions on installing a wooden shelf or shelves on a stone wall? Or am I missing the mark here? Is the stone wall smooth or would it be challenging to attach something plum and level on the wall?
  • Beth Donnelly Beth Donnelly on Jan 10, 2018
    Thank you Ken. It,s a walk in cupboard in bedroom, & space is wasted, as I store things on floor. Walls solid & strong . Thought simplest way might be to drill holes & use brackets to hold strips of wood. Bought myself a drill,so ready to go. Doesn't need to be fancy, as it,s to store bed linen & towels. I,ll just paint it all. Cupboard is 9ft.tall x 5ft. 6" wide x 3ft. Again, I thank you for taking this time for me.
  • Ken Ken on Jan 11, 2018
    I think I get it. There are metal triangular shelf supports. Bolt two or more of these to the wall and throw a board on top: instant shelf. You can get those at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, local hardware store.

    Attaching to a masonry wall is a bit trickier. Tapcon is a hardened screw that cuts threads in the rock after you drill a hole using their special drillbit. Perhaps a little expensive for your use and they work best with a hammer drill.

    Another choice is a "lag shield" Using a masonry bit you drill a somewhat larger hole than the one above and slide one of these in. Then you use a lag bolt to hold your shelf bracket on. The lag shield expands as you turn the bolt in.

    Your best bet is to walk into the hardware store and tell them what you want to do. Hopefully I have helped you to get started.

    One more thought before I go. Check into Closet Maid closet systems. You bolt one track to the wall, level and 7 feet or so high. Then you hang standards from the track. On those standards you hang shelf brackets that will hold ventilated wire shelves or hanger rods or drawers. Flexible system as your needs change and definitely an asset to the house.
  • Beth Donnelly Beth Donnelly on Jan 11, 2018
    Ken, this is exactly for me to do. I just wasn,t sure where to start, & needed guidance. Will send a picture of result (in 2-3weeks) This means so much to me. Onwards from here hopefully. Again, thank you for helping me.
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