The Renovation of Our Old Barn - Phase 1

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Yes, we bought a house with a dilapidated barn. Somewhere under all the rotted wood we saw potential. We just couldn't tear it down! After two years, we were able to tackle this project. For all those old barns that dot the landscape, there is still hope!
This was our poor old barn. Lopsided with broken windows, rotted wood, and vines growing inside.
Over two hundred years old, what it did have going for it was a solid frame made from logs and hand hewn beams, a metal roof still in good condition, and a concrete subfloor the previous owner had poured.
The contractor and our vision was to restore this barn using as much of the original structure. He began by removing cross beams on the second story that were very low and cut off the ceiling height. He replaced those with higher support beams.
Then he moved to the bottom of the barn. We needed to remove the center post to make way for new stairs. He used the beams from the second floor to make new supports before removing the old center beams.
The new opening created.
Nice wide and two inch thick stairs were added along with a railing on the second floor and a new subfloor on the second level with plywood.
Outside the old siding was removed. The front second story siding was repurposed from wood that was salvaged from the side that was rotted on the lower half but where the top was still in good condition.
The side wood was all replaced using poplar wood. 10 new windows were added. The frames were built by hand and we recycled old window sashes we bought for $1 each.
The doors for the front were built from scratch.
The barn doors being installed. We made 4.5 feet swinging barn doors for the garage area and a central door with glass to access the stairs.
We had to do swinging doors because the ground obstructed any rolling barn doors.
Now the barn's heart beats again! We are going to let the new wood weather over the winter and then paint or stain in the spring to get a cohesive look. The roof will then be power washed and repainted.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood
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