The Best Way to Wash Your Bedding Ever

You spend a third of your life wrapped up in your sheets like a burrito. That makes it really important to clean them! Why? Because while you’re feeling snugly and catching some Zs, your body releases things like sweat, drool and dead skin cells. This can quickly lead to funky smells and allergy-inducing dust mites, so clean your sheets and pillowcases using this awesome (and easy) process.
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1. Frequency. If you’re an extremely fastidious person (or the paragraph above really grossed you out), then we recommend washing your bedding every week. However, washing every two weeks is totally acceptable and will keep your…ahem…bed residue at pretty low levels. Tip: If you’re prone to acne, definitely wash your pillowcases every week (or even twice a week!).
2. Water Temperature. For maximum disinfecting power, it’s best to wash your bedding in hot water. However, hot water will shrink your sheets over time, so we recommend a compromise: use warm water for most cycles, but mix in a hot water cycle every third of fourth time.
3. Detergent. A mild detergent is best for the longevity of your sheets and pillowcases. The whole “liquid vs. powder” debate really depends on two things: your personal preference and your washing machine’s preference. Many newer models function much better (and last longer) if you use liquid detergent, so check your owner’s manual.
4. Fabric Softener. You don’t need it! Fabric softeners can make your sheets and pillows feel waxy over time and decrease their absorbency (which is not fun on hot summer nights). Instead, add ¼ cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle.
5. Pillows. They don’t need to be washed as much as your pillow cases and sheets, but pillows do get pretty dirty! wash your pillows twice a year to keep them fresh.
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      • Becky
        Becky Burleson, TX
        on Apr 13, 2014

        Does the white vinegar soften or rid the residue? Both?

          • Tes Scholtz
            Tes Scholtz Winter Garden, FL
            on Apr 13, 2014

            @Becky Both! I use vinegar instead of softener for all of my loads now, and wool dryer balls. It's awesome and my sheets and towels are so soft! My towels are all super absorbent too! :)

          • Gail Cherry
            Gail Cherry Omaha, NE
            on Apr 13, 2014

            I wash my bedding then rinse in Downy and just dry them for about 5 or 10 min. put them on my bed damp (have to do it early so they will dry) and by the time you go to bed they are dry and smell wonderful and looks like you ironed them. I have done this for ages and sometimes twice a week because I love crawling into a clean fresh bed!