This plant needs to repotted or turned upwards. Which one?

I used to use the black pipe you see in this plant to hold it upright but now it won't hold it. I want to remove it from this planter, add soil and then put it back into the planter but sitting up straight. OR, I'll put it into a larger planter and sit it upright. Questions: 1. Does this need a larger pot. 2. How deeply can I put this into soil? See those things that look like heavy cords? Can they be covered by soil or do they have to be outside it? This current pot is always rather heavy. I'm afraid if I use a larger planter, I won't be able to move it. I'd like to repot it now but to do it well, I'd need to do it on the deck. Right now it's 55 degrees but all next week will be in the teens (in metro Atlanta). If I pull this to the deck and repot, would it hurt the plant if I do it in teen degree weather? The garage is on the lower level and moving this there to repot would be a real chore. SECONDARY question. Why can't I post two or more photos at one time? I have to post one and then the other. That's bothersome.
q this plant needs to repotted or turned upwards which one
q this plant needs to repotted or turned upwards which one
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