Real Thin Brick Accent Wall

I added a real thin brick accent wall to my dining room!
This is a project I have wanted to attempt for years. I had read about a few home decor bloggers that installed thin brick veneer in their homes and the results always looked amazing.
Thin brick veneer is just like regular brick except it’s thin. It gives you the look of brick but with the ease of installing tile. You can put it on your walls, your floors, indoors or outdoors.
If you’ve never installed tile and the thought of it feels intimidating, this is the project for you. The great thing about brick is that it looks better when it’s not perfect. I’m really into that “farmhouse” style Joanna Gaines has made popular over the past couple of years and a brick wall fits in perfectly with that aesthetic. If you mess up part of this project, it’s no big deal- brick walls are meant to have character.
Time: 1 WeeksCost: $1300Difficulty: Medium
  • real thin brick accent wall
My dining room before.
  • real thin brick accent wall
I attached the brick to the drywall with tile adhesive and let it set for 48 hours. I had to cut some of the bricks and used a wet tile saw to cut them.
  • real thin brick accent wall
  • real thin brick accent wall
  • real thin brick accent wall
After the tile adhesive was set I applied the grout in between the bricks with a grout bag. I smoothed it out with a sponge and using my fingers covered in gloves.
I cleaned up extra grout with a sponge.
The grout set in about a day.

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Adrienne Carrie Hubbard

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