About a garden.

I like ve in a rented house. I am a very good Tennent. But the lady next door. Has washed all the grass and dirt away with her Pool every day my yards soaked. So much runs in to other people’s houses. I told the women. All she did was say I am jealous of her pool. We both rent. Of the same agent spoke to the agent. All she said it will dry. I am 70 I feel they think I am an old fool as the women’s under the. I’m Barela told me she told the agent I was an old fool. When we have a house inspection. She does not use the pool I caught her and her son. Emtying. The pool in my yard. Yes I got it on my iPad in photos. But the agent. Will do nothing. The house had a beautiful yard now it’s nud an dirt It’s very depressing. As I live in Queensland. And. It’s hot. Nothing better to sit out side under a umberrella I can not. Any ideas for trees that soak up water.

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