How can I make Hibiscus plants come back to life after Southern freeze

I live on the Houston Gulf Coast and recent cold has just about decimated my potted hibiscus. I put them on the covered porch and wrapped up in blankets. This is an actual pic of what was my gorgeous bloom!
q how can i make hibiscus plants come back to life after southern freeze
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  • Bijous Bijous on Jan 14, 2018
    They probably just got frost bite. As long as the pots were covered well, the roots did not freeze. Keep them covered -- maybe another blanket or two -- and in Feb. cut them down (sorry). They'll more than likely come back. Good luck.
  • Abel Baker Abel Baker on Jan 14, 2018
    Please go to this website. It has exactly the information that you need.
  • Sherry Zink Morrison Sherry Zink Morrison on Jan 15, 2018
    I live in Ohio and I cut mine back every fall. They freeze, but come back in the spring. By summer they are as big as me and I’m 5’ 7”! This isn’t the big one but it does the same. Good luck!
  • McGuinness4 McGuinness4 on Jan 15, 2018
    I live in Connecticut and we have freezing winters. It is 11 degrees here now. My Hibiscus come back every year and have done so for the last 10 years. They are very hardy and yours will come back as well.
    • Cheri Brown Cheri Brown on Jan 15, 2018
      Thank you for the info. Just in time too as we are now expecting several days of freezing weather. today in the 60s and tomorrow in low 30s!

  • Kathy Kathy on Jan 15, 2018
    When I lived in Maryland, mine came back every year.

  • Barbara Merklein Brown Barbara Merklein Brown on Jan 16, 2018
    Find out when the last freeze date is in your area. I suggest two ways. Scrape a little bark off with your fingernail. If you see green underneath, that stem is still alive. Or start pruning aback a little at a time. If the wood looks green inside that stem is still alive. If you prune too early, new growth may start and be subject to a late freeze.

  • Susan Susan on Jan 16, 2018
    I wonder if by chance some are talking about two different kinds of Hibiscus? The tropical is unlikely to withstand freezing temps or any more than just a quick frostbite but the other which is perennial survives easily probably in zone 4/5. The lovely double red shown is tropical but the giant pale pink looks to me to be the flower of the perennial type. Not an expert gardener so maybe others can chime in. ..Susan
  • Cherie Cherie on Jan 20, 2018
    Scushnie is correct! Unfortunately, the tropicals are not meant to stay outdoors during ANY cold weather.
  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jul 05, 2020

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear that. I'm not sure if you managed to revive your hibiscus but this site has a whole bunch of tips that might help -

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