Succulent, dying or growing?

Help! I have this fabulous succulent plant that I boughtabout 3 weeks ago. Now something seems wrong.

I planted it withmiracle grow and it fit perfectly with the plant laying flat on the top.

Now its growing andtwisting so much the roots are no longer connected to the dirt in the pot,there is a gap. Plus there are two baby flowers growing. One fell off and Ihave it in water. You will see from the photo the other is still holdingon.

I was told that theygrow up and I shouldn't buy a bigger pot?

My studio apartment isvery hot - not sure if this is all killing my fab little plant? I tryto move the plant into the light everyday.

This is the 2nd time Ihave bought a succulent and I really want it to live.

Do you think mysucculent is dying?

Should I place it in abigger pot?

Do you recommendremoving the baby plant and replanting?

Thank you soo much forthe help!! :o)
q succulent dying or growing, flowers, gardening, succulents
q succulent dying or growing, flowers, gardening, succulents, Succulent in small blue pot When I got it the plant was flat not its twisting and overflowing
Succulent in small blue pot. When I got it - the plant was flat, not its twisting and overflowing.
q succulent dying or growing, flowers, gardening, succulents
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  • Terea H Terea H on Apr 08, 2014
    I think it may need repotting in a slightly larger pot. Make sure you use a soil for succulent plants. Would hold off removing the baby plant for now but if the parent plant gets worse would definitely remove it to another pot. Be sure not to overwater. Most of the high end nurseries will take a look at it and give recommendations also. Keep us posted. It's very pretty and I bet it will bloom at some point.
  • Carole Carole on Apr 08, 2014
    Succulents do better outside in the garden than in the house. If your apartment gets very hot then I would not place the plant in a window as it would be like putting it in a greenhouse! They thrive in well drained soil and should not go into a highly fertilised potting mix. They need sandy, loose soil not peaty soil to survive. The pot is too small. The plant will grow and it will naturally produce more rosettes or 'pups' which can be separated from the parent plant, left to dry for a few days (leave some stem on the rosette for this purpose as it will start to grow roots) then potted up as a new plant. If you want a good houseplant I would buy an African Violet. They only need watering once per week and last a long time if you don't overwater. The potting mix needs to be dry completely between watering. Succulents will flower and generally they put out a long stem with small flowers on it. Succulents can also be propagated from a leaf if you remove the leaf cleanly at the base, allow it to dry out for a few days and then you will see it grow roots or another tiny rosette as the base of the leaf. Lay this on some potting mix and it will do the rest - take root and grow. If you love succulents and just want a small one in a pot that won't change, then suggest you buy a fake one instead - some of them are very realistic looking. Good luck!
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez Elizabeth Rodriguez on Apr 08, 2014
    Thank you both! I will re-pot it, move it from the window area and try some of your other suggestions and let you know how it goes. :o)
  • Beverly P Beverly P on Apr 08, 2014
    That looks like Hens and Chicks, that baby will make another plant for you. Make sure you are not overwatering, have very good drainage using succulent soil. And yes, they do well outside, try putting it out when weather permits, they don't do well in cold weather. Larger pot as the roots don't grow deep on these plants, make sure there is enough room for the roots to stay covered with soil.
  • Christine Christine on Apr 08, 2014
    They like lots of indirect light. Don't put it in directly in a window, but in a bright place near the window. Try to gently remove the damaged leaves. They just suck energy from the plant that the healthy part could better utilize.
  • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on Apr 08, 2014
    Those are pretty easy to care for. Take it from me, I'm not a Gardner by any means, but I love doing it and kill plenty of new to me plants. I don't give up, just keep trying. This is great place for advice. I noticed that you are from Brooklyn, my son left to try NY out after graduation in Dec. He likes it, and now lives in Brooklyn for now. He is subletting for now with a friend. Good luck with your succulent.
    • Elizabeth Rodriguez Elizabeth Rodriguez on Apr 09, 2014
      @Anna Ibarra Thank you! I am not a gardner also. I really want this to work. I threw out the first two I had last year. That is awesome your son is in Brooklyn - best of luck to him. Brooklyn is the place to be right now :o)
  • Rhonda Relyea Rhonda Relyea on Apr 08, 2014
    When it is root bound it will produce more babies.
  • Bonnie Boggs Bonnie Boggs on Apr 09, 2014
    From what I have read.... They do not need a lot of water. Good drainage and sun.
  • Rhonda Relyea Rhonda Relyea on Apr 09, 2014
    When the roots have no room in the pot they produce the babies. If you move to a bigger pot the plant will grow larger and less babies are produced. Spider plants are the same.
  • Joj219566 Joj219566 on Apr 09, 2014
    It is 1.root bound. 2 a succulent .it looks like you've over watered it. a good soaking once a month is enough for succulent. Their leaves hold a lot of water. 3. don't fertilize it. they get enough nutrients from the water. When you re-pot it only go up one size pot.. If it makes more off shoots you can start them in their own pot by snapping them off the mother plant put dirt in a small the stem of the baby plant on the surface of the dirt. Open a paper clip up to make a U shape and slide it into the dirt on either side of the stem to hold the stem against the surface of the dirt. Water lightly to moisten the dirt.Not wet ..just moist. The stem will root in a few days and you'll have another plant. Hope this helps. And yes it is a kind of Hens&Chicks. Oh. and They like hot and dry air.
  • Evonne Kruger Evonne Kruger on Apr 10, 2014
    Looks like too much fertilizer and water,Needs to be outside in the sun.
  • Evonne Kruger Evonne Kruger on Apr 10, 2014
    Good luck
  • Heather R. Hall Peters Heather R. Hall Peters on Apr 10, 2014
    If you want the original to get larger, repot it in a larger pot. If you want it to produce 'babies', keep it in a smaller pot. Over watering is a big no-no with succulents. They are very much (and come even are) like cactuses (cacti?). They like lots of dun, don't need much water, and thrive in hotter climates.
  • Leslie Council Leslie Council on Apr 10, 2014
    WAY larger pot- less water- they don't need much water and some plants are picky, have their own personalities, try it in more light, try it in less. They don't liek the moving around tho and talk nice to it 8P
  • Reehorton Reehorton on Jan 09, 2015
    Hens & chicks, they do well out side and will spread very easy, they do well in a rock garden or retaining wall. I live in the NW area and this succulent plant still comes back after our winter weather. They have a long growth flower every year.
  • Carealott4u Carealott4u on May 15, 2016
    What type of dirt are you using, as a sandy dirt is what I've been using & my plants are always outside & I live in the N.W., where has all types of weather, just don't over water & they love the sun/light from outside. IF you just transplanted this, maybe it's in shock hon... Wish you the best...
  • Subham Sarkar Subham Sarkar on Jan 21, 2019

    You need a better water scheduling I this this might be a good post to read

  • Janie Janie on Aug 08, 2020

    The lower leaves seem to be drying out. I agree with Subham to change your watering schedule. Good luck!

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