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Poor Baby With SK

This solid yet messed up hutch was in dire need of some TLC. She was found in a farmer's field. It needed to be stripped of it's fabulous 1930 wallpaper and repaired.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
SK Sartell delving into the unknown. Again!
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
I stripped the wallpaper finding very old and musty wood and damaged fittings. It was a beautiful piece in its time. But long years of home use and then many years in storage took it's toll.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
The original glass was broken at corners so I needed to replace all the glass components.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
After sanding and de-stinking it was time to consider paint.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
My client wanted the insides to show with a fun color. So here goes a brilliant red. The cabinet has a cool little drawer in the top compartment. Maybe for silverware? Jewlery? It has a little inset latch and pull.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
I chose a beaded glass to replace the broken cabinet glass. It seemed appropriate for the decade.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
The exterior is painted with an old cream and then glazed with chocolate and sanded back.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
I added lighting inside so the red and her pretty collectables would show.
poor baby with sk, painted furniture
This poor baby now has a wonderful spot to live out her years being loved and treasured. sk

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4 of 9 comments
  • Leah M
    on Apr 12, 2014

    That is such a beautiful piece, thank you for saving her!

    • SK on Elderberry
      on Apr 12, 2014

      @Leah M Thanks Leah. Isn't it amazing how beautiful things which left in a corner will wilt and die of neglect? I sometimes feel this is how we treat our own families and friends. But all a person has to do is pay some attention, give a nod to their beauty and be ready to discover someone true and rare. sk

  • Janice
    on May 24, 2014

    Love the finished product. How did you de-stink it? And, I'm curious why you left the red over spray on the top section so it shows when the door is shut. Where do you buy that wonderful beaded glass?

    • SK on Elderberry
      on May 27, 2014

      @Janice Hi Janice, Thanks. The entire cupboard has a red undercoat. So when I sanded the edges back the red showed through. My client wanted a very antiqued and worn looking cabinet. So she decided she wanted the red to show a bit. When the cabinet was delivered it did have that age old stored smell. I clean with a little bleach and baking soda and let it dry. I then wet it down with original Fabreze and let it dry. I have used a whole box of baking soda in chests with newspaper. The newspaper absorbs the smell. I also leave packets of baking soda in cupboards and chests. The beaded glass can be ordered from just about any glass store. This one is called antique bead. Thanks. sk

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