Poor Baby With SK

This solid yet messed up hutch was in dire need of some TLC. She was found in a farmer's field. It needed to be stripped of it's fabulous 1930 wallpaper and repaired.
SK Sartell delving into the unknown. Again!
I stripped the wallpaper finding very old and musty wood and damaged fittings. It was a beautiful piece in its time. But long years of home use and then many years in storage took it's toll.
The original glass was broken at corners so I needed to replace all the glass components.
After sanding and de-stinking it was time to consider paint.
My client wanted the insides to show with a fun color. So here goes a brilliant red. The cabinet has a cool little drawer in the top compartment. Maybe for silverware? Jewlery? It has a little inset latch and pull.
I chose a beaded glass to replace the broken cabinet glass. It seemed appropriate for the decade.
The exterior is painted with an old cream and then glazed with chocolate and sanded back.
I added lighting inside so the red and her pretty collectables would show.
This poor baby now has a wonderful spot to live out her years being loved and treasured. sk

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