SK's Hate of Shiny Fridge's

When someone insists on stainless steel appliances on a project I cringe. Not that they aren't beautiful, they are. But I hate keeping them fingerprint free. I always recommend a stainless steel fingerprintless appliance. Or do what is necessary and remedy the problem with, Ta Da! Paint...
I mixed a non-sanded grout with my latex paint. Which essentially makes it a chalkboard paint.
I used a black paint left-over from another project.
I didn't want to paint the entire refrigerator so I masked off areas which would be fun to make chalk notes on.
I use a small smooth roller brush. This seems to cover nicely. I painted three coats.
My simple hand-cut stencil
I used the stencil to paint on some of the straight edges. This breaks up the monotony of plain rectangles.
This proved successful to kids who wish to draw without getting into trouble. It is also a great way to keep a calendar at hand and a place for notes. sk

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