How can I “sweeten” or get more nutrients to my plants?

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  • Beth House Beth House on Jan 20, 2018
    useva teaspoon of epsom salt in rain water
  • Liquid fertilizers, either purchased or homemade.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 20, 2018
    Feed flowers, shrubs, any ornamental plant by foliar feeding, but not veggies, they need it to go to the roots for sure, except for calcium for tomatoes, foliar is better in that instance.
  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 20, 2018
    We used to add fish fertilizer to ours, and chicken manure is good too if you can stand the smell, best to do in early spring before it gets hot.
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 21, 2018
    liquid fertilizers will do the trick ;)
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jan 21, 2018
    If they are indoor potted plants, I use a diluted solution of Miracle Grow - an allpuropse plant food. If they are put door plants in a garden, I first had a soil test done then planted plants that grow best in that soil. If a plant needs something different, I put whatever it needs around the base of the individual plant. As an example, tomato plants use a lot of calcium so I put crushed egg shells around the base of the plant. This goes for any kind of plant ie: acid loving plants.
  • Nun32489822 Nun32489822 on Jan 22, 2018
    surround them with a heap of compost or get advice from a garden center eric
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