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An Antique Mirror Redo

Hello everyone. I am just coming back from a break and have been doing some fun furniture redos. This one is an antique mirror that really needed some tender loving care.
The mirror was originally gold but someone had painted it a hideous maroony-brown. With a gloss paint at that!
I love how it turned out and wanted to use it in my own home (that was the plan when I bought it). We have recently renovated our entire home almost in the last couple of months, but when I tried to use the mirror everywhere I thought I could put it just wasn't big enough as it is a very large mirror.
I used chalk paint and dry brushing to really make the details stand out. You can go to my blog and see the post to get all the details if you like. I finally sold it on Facebook to a sweet young lady or actually her fiance who bought it for her.

To see more: http://pjhdesignsoneofakind.blogspot.com/2014/04/checking-in-with-shabby-chic-mirror-redo.html

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