Wet bricks on Home.

The bricks on my home are wet. No precipitation and there wet. The area around and down the roofline of the fireplace. I have not used the fireplace in the 4 years that I have lived at the house. I did replace the chimney cap whi was one large cap that covered three things at the top of the chimney. Each one now has its own cover. I do know that the furnace which is located in my basement does run through the chimney and why my heat is on I have seen the white steam come from one of the caps that is located above the bricks that are wet on the house. Please help. Thanks


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  • Patty Dell'Anno Patty Dell'Anno on Jan 22, 2018
    You must have a roof leak. The bricks are pulling away from the house. The water must be running down the roof when it rains and going in between the siding and brick. You must need flashing or the bricks repointed. You should call a mason to check it out.
  • 27524803 27524803 on Jan 22, 2018
    I would have a fireplace or furnace professional come in and see what the problem is... it could just be condensation from the furnace... but better to have at least one professional check it out.
  • William William on Jan 22, 2018
    Make sure the damper in the fireplace is closed. Warm air is going up the chimney causing the bricks to get wet. The other thing would be to call a chimney or fireplace pro to assess the chimney and provide a solution. It may be something you can do.
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jan 22, 2018
    I think you have it, Lrw1543. The cap from the furnace is either loose or missing on the roof. You should not have a cap on a vent like this. You may have your toilet vent capped, too, and that’s dangerous. You can have screen caps put on that will keep out birds but will allow the vents to work, although you may have to change the screen every couple of years. Best wishes ☺️
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