Where can I purchase Suede Paint at? Or buy on line? Ralph Lauren had

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  • Jean Jean on Jan 23, 2018
    that Ralph L paint looked great, but if you damaged it, it couldn’t be repaired. That’s from my professional painter who used it to paint an entryway, but couldn’t fix the movers’ nicks.
  • Ken Ken on Jan 23, 2018
    Looked at Amazon and Home Depot and both had many choices for suede paint. Judging from results of a quick search you should be able to find the stuff anywhere paint is sold.
  • Baxter Baxter on Jan 23, 2018
    Daughter used RL suede paint in kitchen---big mistake. Looked great until it was stained (at the light switch). No way to clean it without making it worse and no way to repair an area without doing the entire room again.
  • KRhodes KRhodes on Sep 25, 2018

    I painted my last house with this paint--in 3 different colors. In my opinion, it is the easiest to fix or touch up--due to the pattern. Really, all you have to do for a hole is patch and repaint and blend with the rest--same thing for dirty spots. Lived in the house for 7 years--and loved the paint.

  • KILZ Came out with a version https://amzn.to/2zHlnPT

  • Mary Holmes Mary Holmes on Dec 06, 2019

    I agree with KRhodes, I find it the easiest paint to match when doing small repairs or touch ups without needing to do the whole wall. I have it in my front entry way and recently went to Home Depot for another can for touch ups only to find they don't carry it anymore. The clerk looked at my sample can and said, "This was mixed in 2002!" Perhaps it's time for a change 😁

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