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Keep That Wine Cozy!

This project will keep you cozy inside from the winter weather, and keep your wine cozy as well!
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Medium
I got lucky when I found these terra cotta vases at Hobby Lobby for...$1.00 each! My friend uses them at her winery to chill and serve wine so I wanted to make some for her. (I might keep these!)
I use what I have. For paint I had this all purpose primer. I'm sure you could use whatever paint you choose. The primer gives a flat, rustic, chalky texture.
I did not worry about covering them perfectly. I wanted some of the terra cotta to show.
For decoration I chose a stencil. I taped it on using painters tape after the white paint had dried.
Instead of stenciling, I traced loosely around the pattern with a fine point pen. I wanted to paint the pattern to give it a more organic look.
This is the painted pattern. I did two on each vase. Because I hand painted them they are all different. I used black craft paint.
Using white craft paint I added details, just whatever came to mind.
I had some beautiful material squares that I had bought for another project. Using my sewing machine I folded them, good sides together, sewed a seam, turned them right side out.
I sprayed the dry vases with glaze. To protect the paint and to strengthen them.
Finished! I think they are beautiful. And my wine and I will both stay cozy.

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