How do I dry out a muddy spot in yard?

My dog runs alongside the fence tearing up the grass and makes a trench, then the rains,snow,etc, come and makes it a muddy mess. In the warmer weather run off from neighbors sprinkler also makes it wet. Short of putting patio blocks there what can I use to dry it out and keep it dry. Straw?Lime?etc.

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  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 24, 2018
    It needs to be able to drain. Just dig a ditch and fill in with gravel.
  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jan 24, 2018
    Try putting some rubber mulch down, a thick amount. It never dries up or disappears.
  • Cheryl Anderson Cheryl Anderson on Jan 24, 2018
    You can buy plastic squares that are about 12x12. They are used for parking lots to let the rain soak into the ground, where you want grass, but may want to park a vehicle from time to time. Depending on how long the area is, there are mats that are sold at Tractor Supply, they are pricey, and are about 3 ft x 5ft, but you could use them up against the fence and grass will grow through them. We used 2 of these at a gate where the dogs came in and out. Eliminated the mud, and grass grew right through the holes.

    The above mats snap together to make a continuous line.

    You can even out your "ditch" line, then put one of these down and spread some grass seed or put down some blue stone.

    Good luck.

    Good luck.
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jan 25, 2018
    You can cover it with some rocks
  • Pg Pg on Jan 25, 2018
    Lime will help dry it out faster, and putting down straw would be a temporary fix at best. If you do not wish to put down pavers or concrete, etc., perhaps a ground cover like mondo grass or Virginia creeper or another low growing groundcover will solve your problem. We had the same issue in a few places along our fence line, and for 2 places it made sense to put pavers, and the other place we put down mondo (monkey) grass around a few cute pavers, and the problems were finally solved.
    Previously, we tried mulch, and it just meant that the mulch ended up in the house, on the patio, etc. We tried several different types before giving up on mulch.
    I hope I have given you at least one idea that will work for you. Good luck.
    • Steve Steve on Jan 25, 2018
      Will this grow in zone 7, Long Island. We get pretty cold in winter, with snow.
  • Pg Pg on Jan 27, 2018
    Yes. Mondo grass is hearty in zones 6 through 10, and Virginia creeper is hardy in zones 3 through 9.