This six drawer cabinet goes transforms from little girl to lady.

I found this six drawer cabinet at Goodwill. I love when I find this kind of box, they are so versatile. I am really into organization, just not the juveinille look. Time to bring this girl past the Tweens stage.
I love the base color of this.
I popped off the wooden cut out drawer pulls. Now I have extra items for future projects. Win, win!
All sanded down and ready for paint. Even though I usually use chalk paint, I have learned that I have to sand these pieces with painted designs or they will show through the paint.
Making my own chalk paint. I found the recipe on Pinterest but I use more corn starch because I like my paint a little thicker.
2 oz. Acrylic paint (the little bottles are actually 2oz., so I keep empty ones for easy measuring)
3 tbls. Corn starch
1/4 cup hottest tap water available
I mix and store my paint in Mason jars so that any extra paint doesn't go to waste, I am not using disposable cups and I really love the way they look. (Reduce, reuse, recycle.)
Put paint into jar. I measure out cornstarch into measuring cup which usually covers up to 1/4 cup. Then I add hottest tap water available up to the 1/2 cup mark. Mix until all cornstarch is dissolved. This is very important to prevent clumpy paint. Learn from my mistakes :) Add water/cornstarch mix to paint and stir well. Consistency should be a little thinner than pancake batter. If it is too watery just add more paint.
I have noticed that when I go to use the paint at a later time it has kind of a funky smell. It never effects the painted item. To remedy this situation I now add a couple drops of essential oil to my paints. Today's project is vanilla. In turn the finished project smells wonderful! It makes the whole process more enjoyable too, warning vanilla could lead to feeling the need to bake something!
Sitting here watching paint dry. I paint all of my items top to bottom back to front. No cutting corners for me on this process. It irritates me when I see items not painted all the way through. I remember when learning to sew, my mother saying,"If you are not going to do the job correctly, don't do it at all". After paint is dry I lightly sanded, I really wanted the original color to show through. One last go over with Mod Podge and she is sealed!
Time to add the paper to the drawer fronts and inside the bottoms. Anytime I use Mod Podge I water it down just a little. This seems to help with applying it.
For the inside of the drawers it required exact measurements.
One quick layer of Mod Podge. Place the paper on drawer front. Gently hand press rubbing from middle to edges. Sand off excess paper at edges. I have to admit I was pretty proud of myself when I figured out the sand paper trick. I really like the look of the paper all the way to the edge. One more go over with Mod Podge.
Time to make some drawer pulls. I knew I didn't want to use regular pulls, even though I love the selection at Hobby Lobby. I just felt those would be too big and bulky for such a lady like piece. This happens to me a lot, I get an idea stuck in my head of how I want it to look. I can't find it to purchase so I have to make it myself.
A strand of beads, some rhinestones and Fast Grab Tacky Glue. These match perfectly and they create that little bit of sparkle I wanted this piece to have.
Here she is all grown up! Yes I turned it upside down as well just to give it a different feel.

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