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One side of my front porch is shade, the other side is almost full sun. What can I plant on both sides to make it look uniform and somewhat match? Thank you in advance

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  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Jan 26, 2018
    I would not worry about the uniformity. Put three plants to make a group planting on either side. The reason I am saying this is that the side with the sun will grow much better and higher than the one without the sun and you will definitely will notice the difference.
    • Kathy Kathy on Jan 27, 2018
      Thank you, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you give me an example. I don't necessarily want both sides to be with the SAME plants/flowers, maybe just the same color. I.E. red
  • M.hiltgen M.hiltgen on Jan 26, 2018
    Moses plant with green and purple leaves. Takes both sun and shade.
    • Kathy Kathy on Jan 27, 2018
      Thank you. I've never heard of Moses plants. I'll google it.
  • 27524803 27524803 on Jan 26, 2018
    The match could be in the containers if not in the plants (choose plants that are the same color, like red or pink, or yellow, if not the same type) that way all the plants would do well in the area they are planted in.
  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 27, 2018
    Make sure the pots the plants are in are uniform not necessarily the plants themselves. Example, all the pots are same material (like clay) and painted the same color.
  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Jan 27, 2018
    Shrubbery with red flowers such as Azalea grow to be about 3-4 feet high and bloom from Spring to Fall if they are watered. They can be trimmed to the desired height. If you want to match the color to the other side You should go on line to the flower gardening sites to see what you like that will grow in the shade and that will compliment the other side. You will find many pictures of plants along with the pertinent information for the sun and shade and your planting zone. If you do use shrubs, depending on your space you may not be able to put three in so put the shrub at the back and smaller plantings in front. Hope this helps. I love the red too as it draws your attention to the front of the house.

  • M.hiltgen M.hiltgen on Jan 27, 2018
    Hi Kathy,

    The plant is sold at Home Depot. The full name is Moses in the Pulpit. It is both hardy and attractive. Hope you locate it in your area. I have one in sun and one and shade and they both do about the same growth wise.

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