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Storage Crates - It's That Time of Year

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It seems like after the Holidays, when we take down the tree and decorations it feels like a time organize to other parts of our home. Clean out our rooms before "spring cleaning", donate things we no longer use, etc. I've been wanting to do this project and finally got it together and got it done. I had several "Milk crates" that I had purchased over the years. It was time to get them all together and organize some of my sweaters, sweat shirts and pants.
I forgot to take a supplies picture, but this is what I used.

4 milk crates that I've had for many years. You can buy them at Amazon
2 cans white Rustoleum paint
zip ties
This is what I used to start this project
This is what I used to start this project
I started by hosing the cubes off because they had been stored in our basement and were quite dusty. After hosing them off, I sat down on the ground and used a vinegar and water solution to clean off anything that the water missed. As you can see, there were 2 brown, 1 ivory and 1 white crates.
Painting the cubes
Painting the cubes
The next step was to start painting them so that they all looked alike. I had no need for anything fancy, I just wanted them to match. As you can see from the photo, the brown ones turned grey and definitely needed more coats of spray paint.
Adding the zip ties
Adding the zip ties
Next I took white zip ties and put the crates together through the holes in the design. It didn't take long and even though I bought the crates at different times in different places, they all matched up. There was a cut-out on one edge and the other edge had a piece that fit into the cut-out to make them all straight.
It fit in the closet!
It fit in the closet!
They fit just right in the closet! There are two rods here, one on the bottom for shorter shirts & skirts. One on the top for longer shirts & jackets. The other side of the closet holds dresses and pant on hangers.
storage it s that time of year
All Done! Now I have a place to really organize my folded clothes. My plain sweatshirts and pants are on the left. My printed sweatshirts and sweaters go on the right. It turned out exactly the way I wanted. It's simple and easy to do, but it makes a huge difference. You can see some of my jackets next to the crates and my regular hanging tops on the bottom. They are organized by style - sleeveless vests, sleeveless shirts, short sleeves, then long sleeves. One of these day, I may organize them for color, but this works for now.

FYI, the time listed above is approximate and doesn't include any drying time.

Suggested materials:

  • Milk Crates  (on hand)
  • White Rustoleum Paint  (Tru-Value)
  • Zip ties  (online)

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