Can you make old brass hardware /door knob look like new brass again ?

q can you make old brass hardware door knob look like new brass again
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  • D roach D roach on Jan 29, 2018
    you could try soaking in vinegar to get rid of rust, then gently rub it down after drying it completely. finally , when it looks like you want it to, coat it in a varnish to prevent it from rusting again.
  • C C on Jan 29, 2018
    If they are in fact "solid brass" you can put them on a wire wheel and they will look beautiful in minutes.

  • Mary Beerman Mary Beerman on Jan 29, 2018
    That looks like it's just plated with brass. Nothing you can do to make it look shiny like it did originally. You could try to scrape and sand it, and paint it with something to make it look better, but the brass is gone.
  • Susan Massey Susan Massey on Jan 29, 2018
    It looks to me like it is just brass plated, not solid brass. I would sand it a little and spray it with Rustoleum's Oily Antique Bronze. Two lite coats should do it for a flat black finish.
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jan 29, 2018
    You can sand it and wipe it off then get some brass or metallic spray paint for them! They have it at all paint stores and even walmart.
  • Castrang17 Castrang17 on Jan 29, 2018
    No way to really get the pit mark out, since the metal has aged. If you want to reuse the handles (as you say you do), lightly sand, buff, spray with a paint of your choice, see colors offered at DIY stores, and seal with a poly coat. New looking handles to brighten your project!
  • Gracie Gracie on Jan 29, 2018
    You would have to repaint it.

  • V Smith V Smith on Jan 29, 2018
    Use a magnet and see if what you have is brass over steel. If it is plated steel you can't really clean it up and restore the brass unless you have it replated.
  • William William on Jan 30, 2018
    Rust Oleum or Krylon metal spray paint. Lightly sand to remove any flakes and gloss. Several light coats will get you a smooth finish.
  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jan 06, 2021

    Hi there Lisa, my Mom always used ketchup (tomato sauce) to clean her brass ornaments. Squirt some on a clean cloth and rub all over and then wipe off with a clean cloth and buff.