Ideas on how to deal with neighbors barking dogs?

The problem has become unbearable! Today is really bad. They started barking at 2 am, and at 11 am they are still at it. Neighbors behind us have three dogs, all barkers. People actually life full-time in a fifth wheel camper; not just a vacation thing. Camper is parked right at the back fence line, and right by our bedroom window. Two adults and three dogs occupy this small camper. There is an ordinance about living in a camper for more then a short period of time. Also an ordinance about barking dogs. We had hoped not to involve authorities and settle this like "neighbors". This has now gone on for almost a year, and probably longer. We've been residents for almost a year. As we learn about our property we find things that at first seemed strange. At the back corner of our house if a very bright spotlight and it's aimed at the neighbors bedroom window. Discovered that fact by accident when we were trying to identify switches in the house. Have also found that when we turn this light on in the middle of the night (when the dogs start barking) the people seem to be motivated to bring the dogs in. Would only guess that the previous owners had the same issues with the dogs. In nw AZ the weather is such that it very seldom gets too cold for the dogs; the summer heat is a different problem. But still the dogs are left out, sleeping under the camper in the heat of day. We have a beautiful backyard that we would like to enjoy but the barking makes it impossible! We've tried talking to the people, hollering at the dogs our selves, and have even considered hosing the dogs with water. It really isn't the dogs fault; they obviously don't know any better. Have even looked at electronic noise abaters that can be mounted on the house wall but a bit pricey for our budget. One of the dogs is a large shepherd, and we can hear his barking from two blocks away when out for a walk with our dog (who doesn't bark). Have always loved dogs but this has pushed us to a desperate point and some of the solutions we've considered are against the law.

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