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Any one that has had a house built from the ground up is an experience that you can’t explain. But once the house is finished and you move in the sense of relief comes. Also, this means you can personalize your home the way you want your personal taste to come out. Let’s get personal!!

Time: 1 DaysCost: $125Difficulty: Medium
1.       Removing a section of the back splash that the builder installed is the first thing that we need to do. I will point out this is the first time that I took on a personal change in my friend’s new house. Get a chisel and hammer to remove tiles at the grout line. It’s really overwhelming but at the same time exciting. Pick a grout line and start hammering. Once the grout line is taken out; place the chisel behind a tile and start prying and pulling the tile towards you. 
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2. Removing all the tile in the area just above the cook top to now replace all the sheet rock first. This is the surface that will hold the new tile. After realizing that the tile will not have any foot traffic on it; we just replaced the area with sheet rock instead of cement broad is fine.
3. We are using mosaic tile within a picture frame type assembly.
4. After putting mortar on the wall we hung the mosaic tile and apply the border last. 
5. After putting mortar on the wall we hung the mosaic tile and apply the border last. 
6. Once the mortar sets we cleaned out some of the mortar that came through while the tile and mortar set. This will give you a more uniform look. I included the homeowners because knowledge is power. And they were very excited to go through the steps.
7. Before grouting remove all the spacers first. The last step was to grout and then stand back and look at your work.
This is the finished product and the homeowner was very pleased. We are looking into re-tiling the butler's pantry. We might be able to have another HOMETALKER!!

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