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Hand Raising a Wild Antelope

A Post all about how to hand raise a wild And the story of Jinx (a red duiker)
I have had the most wonderful opportunities in life, and one of those was being able to hand raise a few wild animals - many birds, a wood owl, a genet and a red duiker. The red duiker I got the most attached to, he was a pleasure to watch develop into a characterful little animal - full of spunk. Since then I have been asked fairly frequently for advice on how to hand raise other animals. There is not much out there in knowledge of hand-rearing wildlife. Hence this post on Hand raising an antelope. Instead of spending ages on a phone explaining the ins and outs of caring for your antelope - I can now just say " read my blog"!
I had tried raising a red duiker before and was unsuccessful, You never know what they arrive with, and sometimes the mother has abandoned them because they are weak, and are holding her or the herd back. So I named the little red duiker that arrived with me "Jinx". He was less than 6 weeks when he arrived and his story is a sad one, in that his mother was poached for bush meat and Jinx was being sold on the side of the road for the "sympathetic tourist trade".

To see more: http://fabulous-farmliving.blogspot.com/2014/03/hand-raising-wild-antelope.html

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