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Every once in a while I get pieces that I wonder if I can actually get to look nice again. This poor sideboard was in rough shape and very sad looking. Someone had cut a good portion of it's legs off, a chunk was knocked off one of the remaining legs and the drawers would not close properly. I am not a wood worker or cabinet maker. I do not have any of those skills so I try and get pieces that need very minimal repairs. I wasn't sure I was up to this task. I did want to keep a rather rustic look and not repair uneven boards or cracks (so long as the stability of the piece was not in jeopardy). This one I received from Barn Full of Goodies. They get some very nice pieces ranging from small nick knack type items to larger furniture pieces. It did sit in my garage for some time before I started fixing it up.
In order to get the sideboard to the point where I could start the makeover I needed to repair the front right foot which was easy enough with wood glue and a clamp. The missing piece of the foot was in the cupboard. The bottom drawer needed to be sanded along with the opening in order for it to slide in and out easily. The other drawers and doors also needed some sanding but not as much. There were some large gouges in the top which I filled with wood filler but the cracks I left in order to keep the aged and weathered look. I also removed some rather tattered felt in one of the drawers. I poured hot water into the drawer, let it sit for a couple of minutes then easily scraped it off.
Here is an example of just how long the legs should have been on this sideboard. Cutting the legs off certainly changed the whole feel of the unit. I have no idea if a leg had broke and that is why they were cut but they were and this is what I had to work with.
Once the repairs were all made and the top sanded down I applied a couple coats of espresso coloured stain and wiped it off rather quickly to avoid it going too dark. I then applied several coats of satin polyurethane. I wet sanded after the second coats with 600 grit sand paper to give a smooth surface.
I wanted to keep the sideboard simple and rustic so I chose Warm White FAT Paint for the exterior. Two coats was all that was needed and then a light coat of Natural FAT Wax. I did a light sanding with 220 grit paper and left a matt finish rather than buffing up the wax. I did do a fair amount of distressing on the sideboard to achieve the old worn look I wanted.
New handles and a splash of Pumpkin FAT Paint in the drawers help make it special. I love hiding a bold fun colour inside. It makes me smile every time I open a drawer and I hope the owners of my pieces feel the same.
I think the best part about the Warm White Credenza is the fact that it will go with so many decor styles and is such a functional unit it would work in many different rooms. I can see it as a sofa table, or storage unit in the entry way or how about for your television. Don't be afraid to find new uses for old pieces of furniture they are usually very well built and will last much longer than many pieces of furniture purchased in the chain stores.

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