How do you remove lightbulb that broke off in light socket?

How do you remove lightbulb that broke off in light socket?

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  • Eileen Walker Eileen Walker on Feb 05, 2018
    Potato, that's what I remember. Here's what I found on the net:

    First, make sure the light switch is turned off. Use gloves, eye protection and a pair of pliers to break away any remaining glass. Cut the potato in half, firmly press it against the socket and begin twisting counter-clockwise. The potato should grip the base of the bulb and turn it while the socket remains still.
  • Sylvia Head-Gallegos Sylvia Head-Gallegos on Feb 05, 2018
    Unplug the lamp, then use a potato cut in half... But if I am out of potatoes, I usually will use a pair of needle nose pliers.
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Feb 05, 2018
    If this is a light fixture (rather than a lamp) , witch off the circuit breaker or fuse prior to trying any of the above methods.
  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Feb 05, 2018
    The ladies have it. First rule of thumb is be safe and make sure that outlet is off!
  • Terry Lynn Terry Lynn on Feb 06, 2018
    I use the needle nose pliers too, but I use a pair that have rubber on the handles (the rubber does not conduct the electricity) and turn off the light of course.
  • Jeremy Robinson Jeremy Robinson on Feb 07, 2018
    Unplug. Use a needle-nosed pliers to bend in the edge in one place and grasp the metal to turn it out.