I have a new home that has a tankless hot water heater

we really like this concept and the endless hot water is great. The problem is the sink faucet is the furthest away and it takes forever to get the hot water to it. I have considered putting in a small point of service water heater but then you loose your storage space under the sink. I was also told of a recirculating gadget you can put on that keeps hot water in the pipes at all times but this seems to defeat the purpose of the heater in that it only comes on when you need hot water. Does anyone have another idea on this.

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  • Ken Ken on Feb 06, 2018
    Sounds like you have everything you need Km. A water heater should be located near the point of heaviest use. A sink that is very far from that point simply takes a long time to get water there. The recirc system uses a LOT of energy and even worse since the tankless would need to run constantly to supply the hot water. I don't think that system is a choice when using the tankless.

    Point of use electric water heaters are rather on the small side and surely you have other storage options for those two towels it will displace. You will also only need to have one pipe running to that faucet so you will save all of that heat that was standing in the long stretch of hot water pipe to the distant faucet.
    • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Feb 07, 2018
      I wouldn’t delete the pipe to the tankless hot water to my sink, doing so going to limit how much hot water your going to have in the little tank! I would Tee both lines together with a check valve on the tankless hot water pipe so the hot water from the little tank won’t creep back down the long stretch of pipe! But still allow the small hot water tank to mix with the long stretch of pipe when it’s turned on and still get hot water pretty much on demand!
  • Meme Tallant Meme Tallant on Feb 06, 2018
    At my previous place of employment we had small individual heaters under each sink. They didn't take up much room at alll.

  • Karen Sebastiani Karen Sebastiani on Feb 06, 2018
    We have the same issue but figure the cost of wasted water is still less than heating a tank all the time.
    • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Feb 07, 2018
      Cost wise it may be better, but wasting water is never a good thing either! Especially since we have rivers that are drying up from climate change and excessive water usage! Not to mention when we have droughts! I know water seems unlimited and no big deal to just let it run down the drain. But in reality it’s really not and I’d not be surprised in the future we all will be limited to how much water we can use a month as water supplies get less and less available! Population keeps growing and amount of water does not, only a matter of time till our water usage habits will be forced to change!
  • Kathy Farnham Sampson Kathy Farnham Sampson on Feb 07, 2018
    I think the small, point of use heater is a good idea. I'm going to do that for the new soaker tub I'm putting in my master bathroom. In the rest of the house, I don't waste the water that comes out too cold. I catch it in a bucket and use it to water houseplants and flower pots outside.

  • Donna Schulz Donna Schulz on Feb 07, 2018
    We have the same problem with our tankless water heater, & a plumber friend told us the solution was just to turn the faucet in that bath on Hot with a very small stream until the water dones heat up. I know this sounds a little silly, but you are not demanding a full stream through your pipes, & although it still takes approximately the same time for hot water to reach your faucet, it is really at its hottest once the hot water arrives at that point & you have not wasted much water at all. Once the water becomes hot coming out you can turn on full stream if you wish & will find that you will probably have to dial back the heat of water temperature at that point. It really has helped us.
  • William William on Feb 07, 2018
    That is a problem with tankless hot water heaters. The furthest faucet takes a long time to get hot water. There are recirculating pumps that can be installed under the sink.

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