Painted Chair With a Twist!

I always wondered about painting upholstered fabric, and after seeing a few ideas on here, I'm hopped on to take a ride! I love to paint... ANYTHING! I paint cakes, people, and now I'm kinda hooked on painting furniture! Two chairs for my house, two chairs to sell! P.S. we've been sitting on the religiously and the paint is holding up beautifully!
So I bought 4 chairs that had great bones but the fabric just didn't work for me...
I used homemade chalk paint and fabric medium to "white out" all of it and leave myself with a blank canvas so to speak
Then the fun began! My oldest daughter wants a shark week bedroom so chair #1 got a wait for it....... SHARK!!!!
A few coats of finishing wax and viola! After all was said and done I was soo excited I just kept going!
One to match my bedroom!
And two to sell!

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