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Faux Finish Farmhouse Windmill

12 Materials
1 Hour

I had wanted a windmill for my master bedroom, but I was not spending $300. I decided I'd try this out, using old ceiling fan blades, and spray paint. This project was made from something that was going to be thrown away, but I gave it a new life! I got the windmill look I wanted for only $10 see below how you can make one also.
faux finish farmhouse windmill
These are all the supplies I used
Fan Blades you'll need 4
Glue gun
Picture wire
Tape measure
Jig saw
Bolts and Nuts 3 of each

faux finish farmhouse windmill
First, I needed to cut them into a more angular windmill blade shape So, I cut the one end with the holes off. Mine where pretty straight on the other end so I left them. I grabbed my straight edge and penciled a line from top to bottom..  
faux finish farmhouse windmill
I grabbed the saw and followed my penciled lines and I sanded them because they where not perfect but here they are shaped.
faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then painted them to see how they looked. I thought they looked great! I'll explain below how I did this. The next question was how was I going to attach them? Well I had 2 extra blades so I said I'll cut one in a 1/2 moon shape this way all the materials will be the same thickness.
faux finish farmhouse windmill
I got out a round pizza pan and used that as my edge to trace, then I moved it down and made another about 2" below
faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then took it outside and cut my 1/2 moon. Not perfect again but I new very little would show and that I could sand it in the needed areas.
faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then painted the 1/2 moon. This is the technique I had used for everything. I purchased Rust-oleum Aged Metallic Weathered Steel and sprayed it once then I let it dry (it was shinny which I didn't like). So I grabbed some Apple Barrel Burnt Umber (brown Paint) and squeezed 3 dots on the 1/2 moon and blades and wiped off with a paper towel. I used more in some spots then others giving it and old rusted feel.. I also used a little Dark brown wax By Annie Sloan on the edges to give it more depth.   
faux finish farmhouse windmill
Once I had everything all painted I laid my 1/2 moon under the blades lined it up the way I liked and measured the blades to find the center spot. I marked it with a pencil and grabbed my clamp and clamped the 2 together I then drilled holes in each blade and 1/2 moon. I grabbed the bolts and nuts and tightened with the pliers and wrench so they stay tight and don't move.
faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then flipped them over and added a picture wire on the back of all 3 blades with hot-glue. I used it because the real windmills have a stabilizing wire and I wanted mine to look as authentic as possible.
faux finish farmhouse windmill
it's done!
faux finish farmhouse windmill
I hung it on my wall I think it turned out great!

faux finish farmhouse windmill
This was my finished look. What do you guys think? Is this the perfect faux windmill job you have seen? It cost me about $10 compared to $300 I'll take it! See many Items I do at Gilbert Marketplace

Suggested materials:

  • Fan Blades  (Habitat for Humanity)
  • Glue Gun and Sticks  (Dollar Tree)
  • Clamp  (Harbor Freight)
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  • Sadie Seasongoods
    on Feb 27, 2018

    Please make sure you give credit to my blog, Sadie Seasongoods. I appreciate that you were inspired by me, but not giving credit is a direct violation of my copyright policy. Thank you kindly.

    • Edna
      on Sep 20, 2018

      I’ve seen a lot of these with instructions using fan blades!

      Why does she have to give you credit? You didn’t invent this!

  • San9359010
    on Mar 11, 2018


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