Faux Finish Farmhouse Windmill

I had wanted a windmill for my master bedroom, but I was not spending $300. I decided I'd try this out, using old ceiling fan blades, and spray paint. This project was made from something that was going to be thrown away, but I gave it a new life! I got the windmill look I wanted for only $10 see below how you can make one also.
Time: 1 HoursCost: $10Difficulty: Easy
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
These are all the supplies I used
Fan Blades you'll need 4
Glue gun
Picture wire
Tape measure
Jig saw
Bolts and Nuts 3 of each

  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
First, I needed to cut them into a more angular windmill blade shape So, I cut the one end with the holes off. Mine where pretty straight on the other end so I left them. I grabbed my straight edge and penciled a line from top to bottom..  
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
I grabbed the saw and followed my penciled lines and I sanded them because they where not perfect but here they are shaped.
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then painted them to see how they looked. I thought they looked great! I'll explain below how I did this. The next question was how was I going to attach them? Well I had 2 extra blades so I said I'll cut one in a 1/2 moon shape this way all the materials will be the same thickness.
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
I got out a round pizza pan and used that as my edge to trace, then I moved it down and made another about 2" below
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then took it outside and cut my 1/2 moon. Not perfect again but I new very little would show and that I could sand it in the needed areas.
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then painted the 1/2 moon. This is the technique I had used for everything. I purchased Rust-oleum Aged Metallic Weathered Steel and sprayed it once then I let it dry (it was shinny which I didn't like). So I grabbed some Apple Barrel Burnt Umber (brown Paint) and squeezed 3 dots on the 1/2 moon and blades and wiped off with a paper towel. I used more in some spots then others giving it and old rusted feel.. I also used a little Dark brown wax By Annie Sloan on the edges to give it more depth.   
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
Once I had everything all painted I laid my 1/2 moon under the blades lined it up the way I liked and measured the blades to find the center spot. I marked it with a pencil and grabbed my clamp and clamped the 2 together I then drilled holes in each blade and 1/2 moon. I grabbed the bolts and nuts and tightened with the pliers and wrench so they stay tight and don't move.
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
I then flipped them over and added a picture wire on the back of all 3 blades with hot-glue. I used it because the real windmills have a stabilizing wire and I wanted mine to look as authentic as possible.
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
it's done!
  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
I hung it on my wall I think it turned out great!

  • faux finish farmhouse windmill
This was my finished look. What do you guys think? Is this the perfect faux windmill job you have seen? It cost me about $10 compared to $300 I'll take it! See many Items I do at Gilbert Marketplace  https://www.facebook.com/groups/148871301967379/

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Fan Blades  (Habitat for Humanity)
  • Glue Gun and Sticks  (Dollar Tree)
  • Clamp  (Harbor Freight)
See all materials

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