I need a home remedy and easy why to clean my walls

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  • My walls get washed once a month. I have windows and doors open as much as possible and a house full of pets. I am old school, vinegar and water. See if this helps.

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Feb 07, 2018
    Beach and water works...especially for smoke and nicotine. 1/3 bleach to a gallon water.
  • Zoe Emiko Zoe Emiko on Feb 07, 2018
    There is no "easy way" to clean walls. The only thing I've found to make it easier is to use a foam mop. Make sure you rinse the mop head often so your not streaking dirt over dirt. Use a mix of Dawn dish soap ( just a little bit), vinegar & water. You'll need to rinse your walls also. Use just vinegar & water. I saw someone mention using bleach. Be careful. Bleach will eventually break down your paint. If it's oil based paint it'll cause it to yellow.
  • Cindy Cindy on Feb 07, 2018
    I agree with Zoe. Make a solution of water, vinegar and Dawn dish soap. I was going to recommend using a scrub brush to wash the walls but I think I like Zoe's idea of using a foam-type mop. Using one would make the job easier when trying to reach up near the ceiling. Best of luck to you.
  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 07, 2018
    Go to the Dollar Tree and get a 1/2 gal. of Awesome Orange, put it hot water, use a car sponge. It trully is awesome...... today my client informed me she cleaned her burnt oven, but she had no ovencleaner..... she said I used the Awesome Orange..... I had no idea that worked so good. Get the rubber kitchen gloves.
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Feb 08, 2018
    Sudsy Ammonia - store brand. Very inexpensive. Will cut grease. If you have really bad spots use a Mr. Clean eraser or liquid cleanser. You may have to rinse. But your walls will be spotless.
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