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April's Baby

3 Materials
4 Hours

Last year I think everyone was watching April the Giraffe as she was preparing for the birth of her baby. And this is where I got the idea after I saw a picture of her and her little one. I knew then that I need to paint the picture.
april s baby
I knew right off that I wanted to use Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain & Glaze as a watercolor. So I gathered all my supplies. I used Cold Press watercolor paper 140lb. which I taped down to prevent the paper from curling.
I began sketching out April and her Baby. Then using Art Masking Fluid I applied it to the areas that I wanted to keep white. This medium is specifically made for watercolor. You keep it on until your painting dries and then it peels right off leaving the paper free of paint.
april s baby
For painting I needed Brown so I blended Phoenix Fire and Blue Thunder. It worked perfect. Also in the lighter areas, I took some White Ning added a small amount of the brown mixture. When doing watercolor you wet your brush (the brush I was used was a Chinese Sumi Brush) works great for watercolors. You wet the paper in the areas you want the paint to flow. It's quick, easy and can maneuver the paint around to get different effects.
april s baby
The yellow around the eyes is where the masking fluid is.
april s baby
I removed the masking fluid and finished her eyes using Midnight Blackness and also around the nose. I finished painting the rest of the baby's body and painted Mommy in the background.
april s baby
Because I was going to frame the picture under glass I didn't need to seal. When using Unicorn SPiT being that it is a water based product you would normally need to seal with an oil base sealer.
april s baby
Here she is all framed with her baby. And I heard recently that she is expecting another little one soon. I may have to paint one of the whole family.
april s baby

Suggested materials:

  • Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain & Glaze  (
  • Windsor Newton Art Masking Fluid  (Micheals Craft Store)
  • Water Color Paper  (Micheals Craft Store)

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