Green is the New Orange! Dresser Makeover

2 Materials
10 Hours

Back in the summer I was given a few bedroom dressers from a neighbor who was moving. They both needed a painting which I was happy to do. I didn’t need these dressers but when I finished the projects a family friend wanted to buy them from me as they were getting a few additional children to add with their already large family. Of course I couldn’t charge them, so they said they had a really old dresser is
green is the new orange dresser makeover
Here are they drawers!
green is the new orange dresser makeover
And here is the base! I know at one time this was a very regal dresser as it is solid walnut! But those drawer pulls, they made it impossible to actually open. The drawers were also dove tailed and very sturdy.
green is the new orange dresser makeover
The supplies I needed: Paint stripper, scraper, sander, primer, and paint. I started by applying the stripper to the top of the dresser and worked my way down the base, this went pretty fast. Then the drawers! Well oh my goodness I thought I could just pour the stripper to it and it would fall off! Wrong!! The “handles“ had many groves, and valleys and dips...I‘m sure you get my point. So as the stripper was doing its job I noticed that these handles were just glued on, so I grabbed a screwdriver and hammer and carefully pried them off. Voila! Perfect, except that it really ruined the finish on the drawers. That’s when I decided to paint the piece and not refinish it to its former glory. After it was totally stripped I lightly sanded and then applied a few coat of primer followed by a few coats of avocado paint. My husband made a template for the new drawer pulls and secured them.
green is the new orange dresser makeover
Well needless to say, I kept this dresser! It looks so totally different, and of course I painted it with my signature avocado paint. I’m almost out!

Suggested materials:

  • Paint stripper, scraper, sander
  • Primer, paint, paint brush

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