What Does an Old Book & A Small Yard Sale Table Have in Common?

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4 Hours
The meeting did not come together when I bought both of the items...but they are now forever meant to be together on my Gnome Shack Front Porch!
I love old books and discovered this cutting technique. Now I have an old book Vase!
Then I got this very rough little table at a yard sale for 75 cents. When I got it home, I realized why it was 75 Cents. The particle board was falling apart, literally.
In comes the old book! I kept the page pieces from cutting it into the vase. The legs were made of real wood, so I went to decoupaging all the parts that were not.
Even underneath, where the falling apart was the worst. The decoupage is keeping it all together!
I painted the legs white.
And then I did a soft white wash over all the decoupage!
My DIY Porch Relaxation Spot is now Done! It is a mix match set, but I love my Large Porch Lounger and Table Set!

Suggested materials:

  • Old chairs
  • White paint

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