I'm calling it my Clematis /Bird Condo Totem Pole

After we got rid of our trampoline we were left with a patch of dead grass, and I decided to do something different . I bought a 4x4,8' post, a metal stake thing that you pound deep into the ground to support the post, six clematis plants,3 white ,1 pink and 2 purple with a couple bird houses some bamboo that I had around for the clematis to climb and a sunny Saturday . I still have to finish widening the garden at the bottom, add a few more plants,decide on a border , but I'm hoping the clematis will grow tall and thick in the next couple months. I live in British Columbia and we have very mild winters here so our growing season starts early so I hope it has enough time to get thick lush and full of flowers . My other clematis growing on my fence are starting to bloom from past years . Fingers crossed.

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