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What's the best heater to buy for my greenhouse.

My greenhouse is a solid 12x10 with a plexiglass roof and glass sides. What's the best way to keep it above 50°?

  • Sal85902

    It depends upon where you live....
    Get the Solar Greenhouse Book by James C. McCullagh to see different ways to conserve heat in a greenhouse. What will you do if there is a late freeze and the electricity goes out? Another good book is Greenhouse Gardener's Companion by Shane Smith.
    Heat sinks, 55 gal. drums painted black, heat absorbing floors, wood burning stoves or an electric heater - which, BTW, can get very expensive if you want to keep it at 50 all the time. I hope your glass is not the new coated glass that will keep put the sun's rays. If you are starting seeds, get grow lamps.

    • Judy Sousae Wheeling
      Judy Sousae Wheeling
      38 minutes ago

      The windows were taken out of a house, the roof is plexiglass, the floor is black plastic covered in limestone but Its not big enough to house a 55gal drum. I live in zone five, winter's are pretty brutal so I start my seeds inside under lights and only heat from April to June or so. I'de love to have a little wood stove but it's not reliable when I can't be here all the time. Thanks your awesome info!

  • Theduke1234
    2 hours ago

    We have the oil heaters and we love them. I wonder if they would work in your greenhouse?

    • Judy Sousae Wheeling
      Judy Sousae Wheeling
      35 minutes ago

      That's what I use now but it's not keeping up when the weather gets in a cold snap. I do love it.

  • Lyn1
    An hour ago

    I use in my greenhouse a little cube heater, and the oil heater is expensive to run, but would work too. I also have a plastic 45 gal drum that works like a hot water bottle inside. Warm water for all seedlings.

  • Joniloring
    13 minutes ago

    I use a kerosene heater. I don’t recommend electric, because if it runs all night, it burns out the unit.

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