How To Clean 7 Kitchen Appliances

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George Foreman Grill
First, unplug your grill and let it cool for a few minutes. You want it warm, but not extremely hot. Soak a few paper towels with water, then gently apply them to the warm grates. After a few minutes, use tongs to remove the paper towels. You’ll see it’s already removed some of the baked on food. Use the tongs to wipe the plates with the paper towel. If you have removeable plates, you can scrub them in the sink if needed.
After the grill has completely cooled, wipe down with a rag.
Our Keurig is used almost every morning, and aside from wiping down the exterior it had never been given a deep clean. First, unplug then take out all the removable pieces. These can be hand washed in the sink with dish soap. Wipe down the exterior with a soapy rag. To clean the interior, you can run vinegar through the machine instead of water. This will remove buildup from your coffee maker. Make sure you’re replaced all the pieces you removed! Run water trough a few times after until it’s clear.

keeping your toaster clean can mean keeping your home and family safe. Removing crumbs and keeping the appliance clean reduces fire risk. First remove crumb trays from the bottom of the toaster. These trays can be cleaned with dish soap in the sink. Then, with it unplugged, use a small brush to remove crumbs from inside the toaster. A small paint brush works great! Next, gently shake the toaster upside down over the sink to remove the loosened crumbs. You could also use the hose attachment on your vacuum. Now clean the exterior of your toaster. Baking sodas works great on stainless steel surfaces.
To clean your dishwasher, start by removing the filter from the bottom of your dishwasher. If you’ve never cleaned this or it’s been a while, it might look pretty gross! You can hand wash this in the sink. Use a toothbrush to gently clean the filters screens. After replacing the filter, place a dishwasher safe cup on the top shelf full of vinegar. Run a short, hot cycle. While the cycle runs, clean the exterior.
Gas Stovetop
Start by removing the grates and burners from the stovetop. Place a stopper in the sink, and make a baking soda bath for these pieces with HOT water. If you have large grates like mine, you’ll have to hand wash these separately. Let the pieces soak while you clean the stovetop. I first used the vacuum to remove crumbs and debris from the stovetop and crevice between the counter. A vinegar spray then a baking soda scrub will help loosen any cooked on materials. Wipe down and dry after. Back at the sink, remove and hand scrub the pieces before drying and returning to the stove. The large grates can be hand washed and scrubbed with baking soda before returning to your sparkling stovetop.

Stove Vent
The stove vents are probably the most neglected in your kitchen but also probably the dirtiest! carefully remove the vents from over your stove. Block the drain in the kitchen sink and add BOILING HOT water to the sink Then mix in baking soda and a squirt of dish soap. Place the vents in the bath and let soak. After the water has cooled a bit, you can and scrub the vents until all the grease is removed and they shine!

Suggested materials:

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap

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