What brand of paint for best coverage?

All the walls in my home are some shade of blue. The pale colors do not bother me, but the darker blue makes my rooms look extremely dark. I had the living room painted what was supposed to be "pearly white" with eggshell finish, but even after three coats, it was still blue... a pale blue, but still blue and not white. The same color went down a stairwell, so had primer put on that wall first, and even after two coats of the same "white" color, it was still blue, an even paler blue than without the primer, but still blue, nevertheless. The paint was Sherwin Williams "ProMar". Including the paint, I had to pay $800 to get a living room and stairwell that was pale blue instead of the warm white I wanted! I want to have the bedroom, bathrooms, and office painted, and maybe the kitchen too, but I want white walls, not ANY shade of blue. Does anyone know a brand of paint and primer that would guarantee that the final result would match the color selected?

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  • Kim Kim on Feb 14, 2018
    Zinser B.I.N. Primer does a great job but my question is, if you paid to have your walls ‘white’, why is the painter not makimy them white. If you hire me to paint your living room white and I bid you $800, I don’t care if the room started out pitch black, I have a responsibility to make your room white. That’s what I am paid for.
    Call your painter back out and have them redo the job.
    If that is not possible, you should know that 2 coats of a good primer that is tinted the same color you are painting your walls is the best way to cobet dark paint.
    • Bhy26161908 Bhy26161908 on Feb 14, 2018
      The original bid was less, but after I insisted on adding a coat of primer, the painter said it would be more. Additionally, the painter kept telling me the walls were white, and I kept showing her the paint sample. In some lights it appeared it might match, but later, when the paint had dried thoroughly, it was pale blue. There is a serious lack of painters in rural Iowa, and we had just moved into the house. I wanted to get the walls done so we could arrange our furniture and start living in our home. So, I agreed, thinking the primer and another coat of paint would do it. Clearly, I have no idea what I was thinking, because it was still blue. The primer was Valspar Stainmaster Primer. After the answers I've gotten, I would not agree to pay more, and would insist that the painter make the walls the color I paid for. Will definitely remember that before I get any more painting done! Personally, I'm with you about doing what you are paid to do... I've done so much more work than a lot of people would, just to be able to say that the job was done right and there were no errors!
  • Unfortunately whoever you hired was not a professional. You need to prime with a quality primer like Kilz or Zinsser, then paint. So sorry you spent so much money for a crummy paint job. See if this helps.

  • Ken Ken on Feb 14, 2018
    I'd look at what is available locally and inquire of the paint seller as to the coverage warranty. I use a lot of Behr wall paint and never had anything that would not cover in two coats.

    Here is another opinion:
  • Jlnatty Jlnatty on Feb 14, 2018
    Sounds like the primer the painter(s) used (I'm assuming they DID prime as promised per contract) was not up to the job to stop color bleed through. Did you supply your own product or did you rely on the painter(s) to provide it? I would buy Kilz Hide-All primer and use myself if I'm going to tackle the job or provide it to the painters (if you hire new to redo the jobs), it is specially formulated to be used on very dark colors and porous walls. Special note: If your walls are PLASTER (not drywall or sheetrock) you need to use an oil-based primer/sealer. Kilz Hide-All can be used on cured (old or repaired but dried for a certain period) plaster walls.
    • Bhy26161908 Bhy26161908 on Feb 14, 2018
      After two coats of paint, the painter went out and bought ValSpar Stainmaster Primer. We had just moved into the house and did not think to find out if the walls were plaster or drywall or sheetrock. I have since met the builders of the house and can ask them. Thanks for your help!
  • William William on Feb 14, 2018
    I agree with everyone. I always use a separate primer like Kilz then paint. Brand is a personal choice. I prefer Behr but have used others. I did use the paint and primer once and didn't get good results. Even the Tv ads show a roller loaded with paint. That's how they get one coat coverage. Also the paint color is more true and vibrant using a primer first.
    • Bhy26161908 Bhy26161908 on Feb 14, 2018
      Thanks for your response. Looks like everyone agrees that Kilz is a great product. I think I would also discuss this with the next painter and make sure they are willing to guarantee that I get the color I pay for! I definitely would not mind paying for primer and two coats of paint, but the end result would need to be the right color!! Thanks again to you and everyone who responded!
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