Pretty in Pink

Every once in a while I just need to push the envelope of what is expected. I purchased this lovely cabinet from Attic Treasures with every intention of painting it nice neutral colours to fit in to many colour schemes. Well I changed my mind and decided to change things up a bit and make this cabinet every little princess' dream cabinet for her room.
I gave it a good cleaning with vinegar and water then took out the lattice from the door so it could be painted. It did not sit flat so I was not sure whether I would be putting it back into the door. I chose to use FAT Paint Pink Cashmere for the entire cabinet's interior and exterior with Warm White as the accent colour.
There is quite a bit of mill work on the unit so I was careful in my choosing of what I would paint white. I didn't want the cabinet to become too busy. I wanted to ensure there was balance and the white enhanced the cabinet's detail and not overwhelmed it.
On the interior back wall I painted white stripes to give some interest to the interior. I kept the shelves pink including the other walls inside. Once the lattice was painted I discovered I could not get it to lie flat against the glass so I kept it out. With the stripes on the back wall the lattice is not missed.
I chose to keep the original pulls and painted them pink and then applied silver gilding wax to soften their look.
Here is the beauty in her entirety. A natural wax was used to seal the finish and then lightly buffed to provide a slight sheen. The two shelves are adjustable and the large drawer glides easily. The Pink Cashmere Cabinet is ready to display the precious treasures of a little princess.
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