Asked on Feb 15, 2018

Growing a lilac bush from a start?



My daughter gifted me a Lilac bush last Mothers Day and instead of planting it in the ground, I put it in a pot. It's still outside and it gets pretty cold here in Indiana, will it come back in the spring?

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  • LIRR1926
    on Feb 15, 2018

    I'm in zone 7 in NJ and have a lilac growing in the yard--loses all its leaves in winter and pops back in spring. My only concern is if the roots might have been damaged if the pot was too small it might have been damaged. Get it in the ground in the spring and hope for the best.
    • Nancy Akin
      Nancy Akin
      on Feb 16, 2018

      Thank you, David, it's in a nice size pot (12-14") and not sitting directly on the ground. Just a few more weeks til Spring in Indiana!
  • Lin27451315
    on Feb 15, 2018

    In all probability, yes, it will come back. If it received enough water when it was potted, then it should. I had some in pots for 2 years and were kept outside. They finally were planted and are doing well. They haven't flowered yet, but they are still small...I'm hoping maybe this summer they will. Good luck!
  • Rebecca
    on Feb 15, 2018

    I live in zone 6 and I bought a "survived the winter" lilac bush a few years ago. I planted it and it has grown very large. Good luck!
  • Ljm22560726
    on Feb 16, 2018

    It should be ok. It may not flower til it's in the ground 2 years. Lilacs will get large over time once in the ground. The suckers from the mother plant can be planted on their own to have more Lilacs bushes! Enjoy!
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