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Outhouse to Summer House

2 Materials
1 Day

My family had an old outhouse that was still in fair shape and I wanted a place to go to sit and read or crochet and this little building was just what I had in mind.
outhouse to summer house
First, I removed vegetation and debris from inside and around the outhouse. Then I requested help from a cousin with a big tractor big enough to pick it up and move it. It had not been used in a lot of years so it wasn't a problem to move it.
outhouse to summer house
I cleaned the inside with a good sweep and a lot of elbow grease. As you can see it had two seats which made it large enough for me to stretch out on the inside bench . I put a piece of plywood over the holes and padded it and covered it with a blue print material that I had on hand.
outhouse to summer house
My cousin moved it into place and we leveled it up and then I went to work on the inside.
outhouse to summer house
This is it last summer covered with moon flowers .
outhouse to summer house
This is the inside where I have a covered bench and a bunch of throw pillows to get comfortable. All the walls are covered with the blue print material.
outhouse to summer house

Suggested materials:

  • Wood
  • Screws

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