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My Easy Way to Clean an Area Rug

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15 Minutes

Like I said recently, I'm in Spring cleaning mode over here and I've discovered another way to save money while getting my house sparkling clean!

People who live here are somehow "allergic" to wiping their feet before entering the house and I've given up begging them to do so. So, if you have people in your home that are "allergic" to wiping their feet too, please keep reading.
my easy way to clean an area rug
Why I bought a mostly white rug for a high traffic area in our home is still a mystery, even to me! Hey its really pretty, it matches my curtains and I wanted it! That's good enough, right?

At first I was thinking I was going to use my recipe and method for spot cleaning pet stains (find recipe on our blog), which is good, but then I remembered my new Bissell portable carpet cleaner and I went and grabbed it.
my easy way to clean an area rug
This little rug lives right in front of the kitchen sink area so it gets lots of traffic.  You can see the nice dirty spot there in the middle.  SOMEONE had mud on their feet.

Ok, now to cleaning it and get it back to looking new again.  To start with, vacuum your area rug to get all the loose debris off of it.
my easy way to clean an area rug
This is the back of my rug, this is not one you can just toss in the washer, which I would do if I could. I vacuumed both sides just to make sure I was getting all the dust and dirt from it before I got started with the cleaning.
my easy way to clean an area rug
As you can see, I'm cleaning the rug on my kitchen floor, that way there will be easy clean up when I'm done.

I'm using the same DIY cleaning solution that I used to get a week old coffee stain from our light colored carpet. Link on our blog for that post.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Mixture (for smaller cleaners):

1 cup of vinegar
1 scoop of OxyClean (1 TBLSP and a 1/2)
Warm/Hot Water to the fill line on the tank

The clean water tank on this particular machine is 3/4 gallon capacity so its quite a bit smaller than the full size cleaner tanks.  If you need the recipe for a full size machine, look right here.

NOTE:  Although this mixture worked for our light colored carpet, I'm not sure about using OxyClean on darker colored carpets, so be sure to test it before you start just to be safe.

Yes, there will be a slight vinegar odor, but it dissipates in about 24 hours time.

First, I treated and scrubbed the really dirty spots.
1.Spray with solution
2. Scrub with brush
3. Suction the water from the rug.
After I got all the spots done, I sprayed the entire rug with the solution, let it set for a minute or two, scrubbed it with the brush all over.  Starting at the upper left hand corner suction water out of the rug working in straight lines from top to bottom, moving over each time until you get the whole rug done.  I did the last suctioning step twice.
my easy way to clean an area rug
Lucky for me it was a nice sunny day so I took the rug outside, laid it on the patio and let it dry.  It looks so much better!
my easy way to clean an area rug
This is the place where the dirty spot was, but not anymore! Yay!  I'm so glad this worked because I really like this rug!
my easy way to clean an area rug
Here it is all dry and looking new again.  Its seriously like brand new again!
my easy way to clean an area rug
I didn't really realize how dirty it was until it was clean again and then I did this side by side picture and I was amazed!

Pop on over to our blog for a picture of how my cute little rug looks with my matching curtains and also I have a list of more of my DIY cleaning solutions to SAVE YOU MONEY! Blog link below.

Thanks for looking!

Suggested materials:

  • Portable Carpet Cleaner  (Amazon)
  • Vinegar  (Walmart)
  • Oxyclean  (Walmart)
See all materials

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Sidney Rippy McLaughlin
    on Mar 23, 2018

    I have a bigger rug with that type of backing. I wash it in the washing machine and hang it to dry. It works just fine.

    We’re practically neighbors!

  • Sarah Chamberlain
    on Nov 30, 2018

    Yes. I am going to try this with the recipe above! I'm just south of Cisco, TX. About 2 1/2 hrs. from You I think.

    • DeeDee
      on Nov 30, 2018

      Hi Sarah! In Texas that means we're practically neighbors! lol! Good luck, it works like a charm for me! :)

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