I came up with the Idea to stencil this routed board at the last minut. I Had a Different Item I was going to stencil but unfortunately, It wasn't working out. So This is the last minute stencil project I came up with for the STENCIL POST CHALLENGE. It was extremely fun, I LOVE COLOR, and to blending colors together. Its a small board I boaght but it shows up bold. I left the wood bare because I wanted my colors to be bold and visible. I used one stencil and used it in different ways.
Time: 2 DaysCost: $30Difficulty: Medium
  • the love of stencil fun
This is the supplies I used, except I used 2 other colors that aren't shown here. This is a new paint I found at Michaels craft store and it works very well. This paint isn't runny like the other paints. To begin you put stencil adhesive on the stencil, I find the best way to prevent too much adhesive is spray from a distance. Too Much adhesive will show up on your project when you remove your stencil. When using the stencil brushes you dab the brush into the paint then rub the excess paint off on a paper towel. So when you do this your pretty much drying the brush off. make sure your stencil is stuck down by rubbing it well on to the item your stenciling. then in the fashion I mentioned with the paint on your brush in a circular motion on the spot you was to paint.
  • the love of stencil fun
This is the beginning of the process Ive put stencil adhesive on my stencil, and stuck it to my board. And Ive started putting my paint on there.
  • the love of stencil fun
This is after I've stenciled the middle of the stencil, the main part. As you can see I love to mix and blend color, and shading. This is pretty easy just play around with your colors. It really dont matter what color you start with if your going to do like I did, and mix and shade. Sometimes I start with dark and sometimes light. The main thing is to make sure your stencil is stuck down well, and your brush isn't saturated with too much paint. Because too much paint on the brush can tend to make problems and the paint gets under the stencil. Wait a few minutes after removing your stencil if you have more area to stencil with a different stencil. This way your paint can dry and it won't get messed up when you put a new stencil on.
  • the love of stencil fun
This is my board after Ive added more of the other pictures on the Stencil.
  • the love of stencil fun
This is another step of me adding more to the board, blending different colors to make it more interesting. On the finished product I painted the routed edge deep Pink, and the second layer of the routed edge deep red.
  • the love of stencil fun
  • the love of stencil fun

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Board  (Michaels Craft Store)
  • Paint  (Michaels Craft Store)
  • Stencil  (Hobby Lobby)
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